Little SkunkCritters and creatures in the wild are cute and viewed as a natural wonder. In one’s garage or home however, they become pests; a nuisance at best. The situation worsens when these creatures become trapped, cornered, or feel threatened when citizens take it upon themselves to remove said beasts. Some are more dangerous than others, yet none can be as troublesome as the common skunk. While not particularly imposing or threatening, these creatures carry a reputation almost a bad as the stench that they can produce.

It has been found that the most effective ways of safely convincing a nuisance skunk to leave involve the elimination of easily accessible food sources and den areas. Skunks are opportunistic feeders and will gratefully fill themselves on garbage and pet food. Therefore, it is imperative to secure trash and feed animals indoors if at all possible. If not, removal of excess food once the pet has eaten is another option. In addition, skunks prefer to create dens in wood or rock piles and under porches and similar structures. A test can be done if a hole is believed to be the access point for a skunk’s den. Cover the hole with leaves, straw, or some other light material. If the cover remains in place for several nights it is a safe assumption that the den is unoccupied and can be filled tight to prevent occupation in the future. If a skunk is found to be present, harassment via noise and bright lights may be all that is necessary to encourage an exodus.

For those more adventurous citizens that may take it upon themselves to relocate trapped and unwanted animals from their property, it is key to remember that humane treatment of wildlife is the only acceptable action. We are all interdependent of one another in the grand scheme of things and must treat all life with its due respect. Skunks, due to man’s aversion to being sprayed, suffer from high levels of unnecessary deaths. Therefore, it is best advised to contact certified and trainedskunksprofessionals to handle critter encounters. Organizations such as Wildlife and Pest are always on call to quickly and humanely remove and relocate unwanted animals from the grounds. While on the premises, these professionals are able to inspect the property for possible entry points into the foundation and surrounding structures, allowing residents to prevent future

These trained and experienced wildlife specialists utilize the most efficient traps and baits to resolve the issue in the best interest of all parties involved. Removal and relocation of nuisance animals may not be the quickest solution to an issue, however, it is the most responsible and respectful.